dear friends and hindi meritnation expert,

i have a doubt in samas.

can u please explain me the meaning of SAMAHAR AND SAMOOH..!

and when do we use samahar and samooh?

i know that samooh means GROUP.

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Samooh and samahaar both are same and can be used in each others place

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oh thanks can u say me the meanign of samahar?

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both of them have the same meaning as mariyam said

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When a word has number as its prefix then samooh or samahar is used.

But as i know samahar is used in sanskrit.

e.g. tripathi = teen patho ka sammoh (dvigu samas) Here' teen' is a number used as prefix.

chaturvedi = char vedo ka samooh (dvigu samas) here char is naumber used as prefix.

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can you please tell me samaas of krodhagini
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krodh roopi agni -karmdharay samas
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samooh means group
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They both have the same meaning which is clan/group
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samahar means samachar
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