define jhum cultivation.

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 jhum cultivation is a type of shifting cultivation in which slash and burn ntechnique is used

in this cultivation, a part of forewst is burned and then cultivated....... afterwards same procedure is taken with other parts of forest

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Slash-and-burn is an agricultural technique that involves cutting and burning of trees and plants in forests or woodlands to create fields. It is subsistence agriculture that typically uses little technology or other tools. It is typically part of shifting cultivation agriculture, and of transhumance livestock herding.

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Jhum cultivation- Jhum cultivation is also known as shifting cultivation. In this type of cultivation cultivators wander one place to another. Slash and Burn farming is used in this type of cultivation.

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Shifting cultivation is an agricultural system in which plots of land are cultivated temporarily, then abandoned and allowed to revert to their natural vegetation while the cultivator moves on to another plot. The period of cultivation is usually terminated when the soil shows signs of exhaustion or, more commonly, when the field is overrun by weeds. The length of time that a field is cultivated is usually shorter than the period over which the land is allowed to regenerate by lying fallow.

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