Delete the following sentences with ideas of your own and use a conjunction given in the brackets

Dear Student,

1. I left early so that I could go to dinner with my mom
 2. She took out her umbrella because it started raining 
3. He locked the main door as it was too chilly
 4. He went to the party though he hated socialising
 5. Samridhi learnt the poem well so she could impress her teacher
 6. Mother wanted to visit her cousin and have dinner with him. 
7. She likes to meet people whereas he is socially awkward
 8. They had bought the gifts but had forgotten them in the car. 
9. He was thrilled therefore he couldn't sleep all night 
10. The flyover was inaugurated 3 weeks back still it isn't open for public usage. 

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Delete by mistake it's complete
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