`Democracy in India has strengthened the claims of the disadvantaged and

disseminated castes for equal status
Read the above statement carefully and answer the following questions :
i) Identify the Fundamental Right which is related to this statement.
ii) How do you feel when you come across words like `disadvantaged’ and
`disseminated’ being used for a sections of citizens of free India?
iii) How far can `equal status’ and `equal opportunity’ restore back the
dignity and freedom of these deprived classes?and equal opportunity.”

(i) The Fundamental right related to the statement is Right to Equality.

(ii)India has had a long history of denying basic rights to a large section of the population on the basis of Caste. People belonging to lower castes were unable to break the cycle of poverty by getting education or changing their jobs. This has continued to an extent in Independent India as well. To set right, centuries of discrimination, disadvantaged and disseminated sections of the society need to be identified and helped.

(iii)Independent India gave Political equality to everyone-which will not necessarily lead to Economic Equality. For this to happen Equal opportunities in terms of primary education and suitable work opportunities must be provided to lowers castes and scheduled tribes.
This equal opportunity will lead to improvements in literacy rates and ability for lowers castes to move out to new occupations, thereby breaking the cycle of poverty.

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i) The Right to Equality
ii) Even after more than 60 years of independence, when such words are still used, it looks to me a slier on the name of the country. Every citizen of India is equal in the eyes of laws which means they should be equal: politically, economically and socially.
iii) If equal opportunities are provided and availed of, it will raise and uplift the status of the people which in turn restore them the dignity and freedom. So, all out efforts should be made to bring social and economic equality.

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