describe an experiment to show the chemical effect of electric current.

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 A chemical reaction takes place when an electric current passes through a conducting solution. 
You can easily observe the chemical effects in the form of bubbles or gases in the solution. The chemical effects of electric current are used in the working of electrochemical cells.

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STEP 1- Take two iron nails.

STEP 2- Clean it with sand paper.

STEP 3- Wrap copper wire around both the nails. And connect the other end to the battery terminal.

STEP 4- Take water in beaker and little amount of salt in it or a few drpos of sulphuric acid in it.

STEP 5- Immerse the nails in the solution.

STEP 6- Observe the nails carefully. You can see bubbles of gases coming out from water near nails.

When, electeric current is passed through water gases like hydrogen and oxygen are evolved.

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