Describe antennal gland or green glands for excretion in prawns with diagram? Kindly answer sir/mam?

Antennary or green glands are the excretory organs of members belonging to class Crustacea e.g. prawn. They are present near the base of the large antennae and open out by renal aperture. These are white structure of the size of a pea. These are found in the coxa part of each antennae. Each green gland has three parts, end sac, labyrinth or glandular plexus, and bladder.
a)End sac: It consists of two layers. The inner thin layer consists of large excretory epithelial cells.
(b) Labyrinth: Labyrinth consists of mass of branched and greatly coiled excretory tubules. Each tubule is lined by a single layer of large excretory epithelial cells. They open by apertures into end sac and bladder.
(c) Bladder:It consists of sac and has a short excretory duct or ureter, which opens to outside through a small rounded renal pore.

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