Describe the cycle of events in Satyajit's life that brought him back to where he began.

Satyajit witnessed a lot of changes in his life till the time the story was written. He had started his career as a client at a bank. He then caught a forgery and thus got promoted as a Managing Director. However, all these events turned out to be a turning point in his life. At present, he regretted reaching heights of success just by chance and not hard work. Now he realises that the tempo of failure is always faster than that of success. Today, he faced crisis when it came to job, wealth, in fact any resource at all. The wheel of fortune had turned and had completed an entire rotation bringing Satyajit back to where he had begun. He was reduced to nothing after enjoying glorious days when he owned a fortune. Once, it was he who was looked up to for financing and fulfilling the needs of the people. Now, he had to avert such situations to avoid the shame and dismay he felt at his present situation.

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