Describe the different types of valves present in human heart and explain their function and location?

There are four valves in the human heart:
1. Tricuspid: Between right atrium and right ventricle
2. Pulmonary: Right ventricle and pulmonary artery
3. Mitral: Between left auricle and left ventricle
4. Aortic: Between left ventricle and aorta

All valves function to maintain unidirectional blood flow, prevent backflow of blood and maintain pressure.

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  1. the opening of coronay sinus is guarded by thebesian valve .
  2. the opening of inferior vena cava is guarded by eustachian valve.
  3. the opening of superior vena cava is guarded by rudimentary valve known as haversian valve.

funtion: prevent backflow of blood.

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