Describe the fate of 20000 child workers who work in the bangle industry of firozabad in most hazardous conditions.

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Working in the glass bangle industry is full of numerous health hazards. The children work in glass furnaces with high temperature. They work in dincy cells where there is no light nor air. This spoils their health,eye sight and other parts of the body.

The bangle makers weld pieces of coloured glass into circles of bangles. They polish them and the dust of polishing along with high temperature flames results in losing their eye sight before they even become adults. They live and work in stinking lanes and thereby their health goes on deteriorating.

The bangle makers with their families work for the whole day and still fail to have enough food to eat. They could hardly succeed in putting on proper clothes and a roof over their heads. They remain in the perpetual state of grinding poverty.

The glass bangle industry of firozabad is one of its kind which illegally employs the child labour. About 20000 are engaged in this and do not have access to proper education. A vicious cycle of sahukars, middlemen, policemen, keepers of law, beaurecrats and politicians are responsible for their sorry state of affairs and cannot start a cooperative. Most of them hardly reap their one time full meal in their entire lifetime.

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