Describe the location and extent of India. What is the importance of India's location ??

1)  India is located in Northern Hemisphere. The Tropic of Cancer (23°30ʹN) passes almost halfway through the country.
2)  From South to North, main land of India extends between 8°4ʹN and 37°6ʹN latitudes. From west to east, India extends between 68°7ʹE and 97°25ʹE longitudes.
3)  Due to great longitudinal extent of about 29°, there are wide differences in local time, say about, 2 hours, of places located at two extreme points of India. For instance, the Sun rises 2 hours earlier in the East (Arunachal Pradesh) than in the West (Gujarat) 

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India has a very favourable location . its location is 8'4 N in the south and 37'6N in the north. 68'7 E in the west and 97'25 E in the east. the north south extent is from north to south 3214km and east to west is 2933 km. it has a favourable position in respect to trade and commerce.

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