describe the main features of the permanent settlement?

1.) the rajas and taluqdars were recognised as zamindars

2.) The amount to be paid was fixed permanently 

3.) It was not be increased over in future

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In order to get a stable revenue income, most of the East India Company’s officials believed that investment in land had to be encouraged and agriculture had to be improved. Debates on how this was to be done led to the introduction of the Permanent Settlement in 1793. The aim of this settlement was to ensure a regular flow of revenue for the Company. As per the settlement,rajas and taluqdars were recognised as zamindars. They were asked to collect rent from the peasants and pay revenue to the Company. The amount to be paid was fixed permanently and it was not to be increased ever in the future. The Company believed that as the revenue amount was fixed, the zamindars would benefit by investing in land improvement, which would in turn lead to increased production. If the zamindars failed to pay the revenue, which they usually did as the fixed revenue was very high, they lost their zamindari.

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you are wrong kavya shree pal is correct

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Main feature of permanent Settlement are

1 . In permanent settlement system taxes were fixed ie never incresed in future .

2 . Rajas and Talukdar were recognised as Zamidar and expected to collect tax for the company.

3 . Company thought it could generate permanent revenue flow to their tresure. And Zamidar would invest his profit into the land.
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permanent settlement system was introduced by lord cornwallis in 1793 .Rajas and taluqdars were recognised as zamidars and were asked to collect rent from the peasent and pay the revenue to the company.the amout to be paid was fixed permanently
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