Describe the oogensis with the help of labelled diagram of sectional view of ovary showing different stages?

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Sectional view of ovary showing oogenesis:

Oogenesis is the process of the formation of a mature ovum from the oogonia in females. It takes place in the ovaries.
1) During oogenesis, a diploid oogonium increases in size and gets transformed into a diploid primary oocyte.
2) This diploid primary oocyte undergoes first meiotic division to form two unequal haploid cells. The smaller cell is known as the first polar body and the larger cell is known as the secondary oocyte.
3) This secondary oocyte undergoes second meiotic division, gives rise to a second polar body and an ovum.
4) In the process of oogenesis, a diploid oogonium produces a single haploid ovum while two polar bodies are produced.


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