Describe the pun on the word, "arms".

The word arms in 'keeping quiet' refers to both our hands as well as weapons us.ed for conflicts
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Thanks @ Ishika Pandhy, but I wanted more elaboration...Do you think this much is enough to fetch us marks? :D 
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@kittu  I believe this is enough for a one marker.  Because i think this is a RTC question
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Arms can mean the physical body part of any human being it can also means the ammunition used in war . Here poet uses pun to stop the use of physical body parts but also hints not use any warfare gadgets.
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@sanjana rana .. Thank you for the answer ll @Ishika okay :D 
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"Arms" is referred to as body parts of the human beings as well as the weapons use during the battles in fact which will be used to kill the neighbouring dogs
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'Arms' refers both to the human limbs and the weapons of war
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