Describe the relationship of the laburnum tree and the goldfinch.

The relationship in between the Laburnum tree and the Goldfinch bird is like the relation of the body and the soul. The body becomes empty without the soul. Similarly, the Laburnum tree top was also silent and empty until the Goldfinch came and lived there. The Laburnum tree had its leaves wilting away and there was a silence and emptiness in its surroundings. When the goldfinch came and started living there, there was the sound of the branches twitching and the birds chirping. There was so much life in the tree. Once the goldfinch family left the tree, the tree top became silent and empty again.
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The relationship between laburnum tree and the goldfinch is of the nature direct proportional because when the goldfinch come the laburnum tree come in existence and when she flew away the laburnum tree become silent.
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The goldfinch and the laburnum tree had a very good relationship. The bird goldfinch lives there on the laburnum tree, in the beginning the laburnum top is silent and quite but at the last it ends with motionless and empty level. The bird comes with a chirp and silence on tree ends, the machine starts with the chitterings of the bird and the whole tree trembles and the bird is engine of her family. The relationship of the laburnum tree with the goldfinch is brilliant.
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