Describe the wonderful old tale of wu Daozi. what does the tale of Wu Daozi tell us about the Chinese art and painting

1 Secondary SchoolEnglish 15 points What wonderful tale is told about Chinese painter wu Daozi? Ask for details Follow Report by Moalong8200 16.04.2018 Answers Me · Beginner Know the answer? Add it here! SIMARJOT11 SIMARJOT11 Ambitious WU Daozi was an undisputedgreat artist of the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907) and one of the greatest of all Chinese artists. He was best known for his unrestrained style and superbskills. One day, sitting in the court, Emperor Xuanzong suddenly thought of the beautiful landscape of the Jialing River in today's Sichuan Province in southwest China. So, he ordered Wu to visit the place by himself and after returning to the capital, to paint the landscape on a wall in one of the imperial halls so that the emperor could see the scene whenever he wanted. Wu spent weeks touring along the river and came back empty handed. The emperor asked Wu to show him his sketches, but Wu said they were all in his heart. Wu used only one day to paint the landscape on the wall depicting the 300-kilometer-long scenery along the river. When it was finished, the emperor was awed by the brilliant painting. Wu said that when he was touring along the river, he didn't try to remember the details of a mountain or river. Instead, he tried very hard to feel the sensation of the beautiful scenes there. Wu's death was a myth. One story says that after painting a mural about a natural scene in the palace one day, Wu drew a door on the mural in the side of a hill. Then he clapped his hands and the door opened. After entering, Wu invited the emperor to follow. But the door suddenly shut, he disappeared inside his own painting and was never seen again.

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Dear Student,
 Wu Daozi was a Chinese painter of the Tang Dynasty who was considered as one of "the masters of the seventh century". Wu travelled worldwide and created murals in Buddhist and Daoist temples. The legend says that one day Emperor XuanZong called Wu Daozi to paint a wall of his palace. He painted a wall mural displaying a beautiful nature-scene and informed the emperor that the painting has a deeper meaning than what is presented on the mural. He painted the mural in such a way that it was believed that a spirit lived inside the cave. After that, he invited the emperor to enter the cave with him. Before the emperor could follow him, the entrance to the cave closed and Wu Daozi vanished inside the painting. As Tang dynasty was considered one of the golden ages in Chinese history, the wealth and grandeur of its emperors were reflected in the art which was produced during these times. Artists like Wu Daozi, also tried to present a more spiritual approach to life from their paintings and used innovative techniques to perfect their craft. 
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