describe uncle khosrove?????

he was an eourmous man .He has the largest moustache in the san jaquine valley. he has no patience ,he get irritated very soon.On any matter he used to say"it is no harm pay no attention to it"

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uncle khosrove was an enormous man with a powerful head of black hair and the largest moustache in the SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY. he was so furious, so short tempered, so impatient man that he stopped everyone from talking by roaring --" IT IS NO HARM!! PAY NO ATTENTION TO IT!! "every tribe or family has a crazzy streak in it somewhere. In uncle Khoserove's family , uncle khosrove was the crazziest member of the family because once it was his own son Arak running 8 blocks to the barber's shop where his father was having moustache trimmed, to tell him their house was on fire . This man khoserove sat up in the chair and roared " IT IS NO HARM !! PAY NO ATTENTION TO IT!! " HE HAD A HABIT TO SHOUT ON EVERY ONE.



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Uncle Khosrove has a very bad temper and always stops people from talking by shouting--"It 's no harm,pay no attention to it!" Even when his son informs him that their house in on fire when uncle is having a hair-cut, uncle simply sends the boy away repeating his famed dialogue! Also when John Byro--the real owner of the stolen horse-- comes to Aram 's house to recount his sad tale of losing his beautiful horse, uncle simply says the matter is of no use and he should pay no attention to it.

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He aint smoking normal cigarittes < if u know what i mean :)    
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Uncle Khosorove was also devoted  his nation. He always says other that their problems are not as big as compare to the nation's freedom.
He was a patriot. 
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