devise an activity to show that organic waste is biodegradable while plastic is not

  1. Take two beaker A and B.
  2. Put moist soil in the both.

  3. Put organic waste in the beaker A and Plastic in beaker B.

  4. After a week or two you will find that the organic waste are decomposed while the plastics are not.

  5. This proves that organic waste is biodegredabe and plastic is not.

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Objective- To Show That Organic Wastes Are Biodegradable While Plastics Are Not

Materials- Some Plastic Things And Organic Waste Such As Dung Etc And Garden.

ProcedureNow Get To A Garden Dig 2 Pits About 30cm Deep Each

Burry The Plastic Things And Organic Wastes In Separate Pits.

Sprinkle Some Water To Both The Pits.

And Cover It.

Observe The Pit After 1 month

Observation-You Would Notice That No Change Takes Place In Plastic Kept Pit And Some Foul Smell May Also Be There

But In The Second Pit You Would Notice That No Organic Waste Is There Only Black-Brown Manure Is There.

Reason- Organic Wastes Are Biodegradable Thats Why They Are Decomposed By Action Of Certain Microganisms While Plastics Are Not

Conclusion- Plastics Are Non Biodegradable While Organic Wastes Are Biodegradable.

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devise an activity to show that organic waste is biodegradable while plastic is not

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put plastic in soil
put o.matter in soil
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There is no activity.

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Plastics are made up of a very large number of small monomer.
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To do this activity we need a few plastic cups or glasses few dried leaves cow dung urea some soil with help of using this things we can make a activity that is take two buckets in one bucket name it as a and the second bucket name it as b then in the first bucket put some soil and then dried leaves cow dung urea and few more organic waste which can be used and then mix them well and keep for some days and then in the second bucket put some soil and then the plastic Cupor glasses in it then makes it well keep this two buckets separately for few days keep this two bucket separately for few days and then you will observed that the other organic waste like the cow dung dried leaves banana peels apple peel urea and few more organic waste this all have been turn into a manure which can be used in the fields but when we see in the second bucket the plastic cups are still there in it they have not even reacted with the soil because plastic is very dangerous so By this activity we can confirm that organic waste is biodegradable and plastic is not biodegradable
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Take a pot full of soil and add vegetable waste and wait for 7-10days you see it is decomposed whereas as in the same case do it with a plastic bag use that it is not decomposed,hence we say organic waste is biodegradable whereas plastic is not
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Material required -
2 beakers
- label it A & B
- put moist soil in both
- put organic waste in A
- put plastic in beaker B
- after a week you will find organic waste are decomposed while plastics are not.
- this proves that organic waste is biodegradable while plastics are not.
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dug a pit & entomb dead leaves in it &water regularly after some days you find that leaves turn into manure
this happens because leaves are natural while plastic is made by chemical reaction thats why plastic didn't mix in soil & is called non-biodegradable
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Make two pits in soil. Take 1st to be PIT A and 2nd to be PIT 2. Now, put organic compounds like vegetable peels, dry leaves, cow sung, etc. In PIT A. Put polythene, Pieces of PVC Pipes in PIT B. Now fill these pits back with soil. After 1-2 weeks later, open the pits and observe. Your conclusions will say that the matter in PIT A has become manure whereas, PIT B has the same polythene, pieces of PVC. This proves us that "organic waste is biodegradable whereas plastic is not."

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