DGK : 462 :: NIF : ?

Dear Student,

Please note that such questions cannot have a unique answer always, and an answer can only be confirmed once it is cross-checked with the available options. This is due to the fact that multiple formulations can lead to the given word to number transformation.
I would explain one of many possible transformations for your reference:
If we assign a number to each alphabet from 1 to 26 for A-Z, and for the number greater than 9 we add the digits to reach a single digit, i.e Z=26=2+6=8

Now following this norm,
Given, DGK = 462.
We know, D=4, G=7, K =11 =1+1=2. Therefore the second digit is the actual number -1, while the first and third digit are directly the number forms of the alphabet.

Using this , NIF, N= 14=1+4 =5, I=9, F=6
Thus NIF = 586

In case you still have doubts I would request you to post the question again along with the set of given options, in a new thread.


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NIF 595 it is the no of the alphabets and if it's 14 it is 1 plus 4
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