difference between atom and molecule

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Followings are the difference between the atom and molecules:

Atom Molecule
  • It is a smallest particle of an element.
  • It is a group of two or more atoms combined together, so it is bigger.
  • It consists of nucleus (containing protons and neutrons) and electrons.
  • It consists of combination of two or more like or different atoms chemically bound together e.g. H2, HCl, NaCl etc.
  • It can neither be seen through naked eye nor through magnifying microscope.
  • It is not visible to naked eye, while can be seen through highly magnifying microscope.
  • It cannot be further divided.
  • It can further be divided to give individual atoms.
  • It may or may not have independent existence.
  • It are capable of having independent existence.For example, atom of oxygen (O) has no independent existence while its molecule exists as O2 in nature
  • It has nuclear bond or attraction within it i.e. it involves electrostatic attraction  between the positive nucleus and electrons.
  • It has chemical attraction or bonding between the atoms i.e. it involves single, double or triple bonds between the atoms.


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