The sound intensity(acoustic intensity) is defined as the sound power per unit area. The S.I. unit of intensity is Watts/m2
The loudness of sound is defined as the degree of sensation of sound produced in the ear. It is actually the perception of sound by the listener.
Pitch is same as the frequency of sound. This term is used by musicians.
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loudness: it physically measures how strong sound is,moreover it is depend on intensity as well as senstivity of ear, of sound greater amplitude,greater the sound and it measured in (db) decibel.

intensity: it is a amount of sound passing through a unit area per second,it does not depend on senstivity of ear as loudness depend ,it is measure as watt/metre(square).

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Loudness is a measure of response of our ear to sound. The unit of loudness is decibel. It depends on amplitude. If the amplitude is high, the loudness also will be high.

Sound intensity is the sound power per unit area. The sound intensity is directly proportional to the square of the amplitude of sound wave.


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