difference between luminous and non-luminous objects .with 3 egs.

Luminous Objects-

Luminous objects are oblects that give out light or emit light on its own.

Examples of Non-Living Things luminous objects are Sun, The Stars, Firesemit.Examples of Living things luminous objects are fireflies, silkworm. We get to see luminous objects because their light enters our eyes directly.


Non- Luminous objects sre objects that do not give light on its own. Moon is one example of non-living and non-luminous object.

Tree is an example of living thingand non luminous object.

We get to see non-luminous objects because light is reflected from them and into our eyes.

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the objects which produce heat ,light ,energy when a heat source is brought near to it and kept it until its ignition temprature is reached are called luminous objects and opposite to them are non luminous objects. ex-candle ,wood ,paper are luminous objects and glass, stone, diamond etc are non luminous objects.

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