difference between micro and macro molecules? atleast 3

micro molecules= molecules which are lesser in number.

macro molecules = molecules which are more in number.

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macro molecules---

  • molecular weight- more than 10000Da
  • they are of three types- Proteins, nucleic acid, polysaccharides
  • found in retenate..


  • molecular weight ranges from 18 Da to 800 Da
  • found in filtrate
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It can be differentiated by atomicity as well macromolecules have atomicity 10000, less than it is not included as macro.
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Micromolecule have low molecular weight but macro have highM.W
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Polymers are macromolecules, but not all macromolecules are polymers. The main difference between a polymer and a macromolecule is that polymers contain repeating units that represent monomers whereas not all macromolecules have a monomer in their structure.
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