difference between Pteridophyta and Phanerogams?






They do not have seeds.

They bear seeds.


They have less differentiated reproductive organs.

They have well developed reproductive organs.


Embryos are naked and known as spores.

Embryos are present inside the seeds.


Pteridophytes have much more primitive type of vascular system.

They have advanced vascular system as compared to pteridophytes.


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  • pteridophyta doesn't produce seeds.They are more primitivive
  • Phanerograms produce seeds.They are more advanced.
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Pteridophyta doesnt produce seeds.Bryophyta and Thallophyta are similar in this case.

Phanerogams produce seeds.Gymnosperms and Angiosperms are phanerogams.

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         1.Pteridophyta has naked embryos                     1.Phanerogams have embryo along with stored food,                                                                                                        which serves for the initial growth of the embryo                                                                                                             during   germination.

        2.The reproductive organs of pteridophyta        2.The reproductive organs are well-differentiated.

             are very inconspicuous.

       3.These do not produce seeds.                            3.These produce seeds.

       4. Examples are Marsiles,Fern etc.                      4.Examples are Pinus, Cycas etc.

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