difference between three types of muscles fibres.


Following table summarises the differences between striated muscle, smooth muscle and cardiac muscle:



Striated muscles
Smooth muscles
Cardiac muscles
Cells are cylindrical.
Cells are cylindrical.
Cells are cylindrical.
Cells are unbranched
Cells are unbranched
Cells are branched
These are voluntary muscles.
These are involuntary muscles.
These are involuntary muscles.
They contract rapidly and soon undergo fatigue.
They contract slowly and do not undergo fatigue.
They contract rapidly but do not undergo fatigue.
These muscles are present in our body parts such as the
hands, legs, tongue, etc.
These muscles control the
movement of food in the alimentary canal, the
contraction, and relaxation of blood vessels, etc
These muscles control the
contraction and
relaxation of the heart.

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*It is striated                         * It is non-striated  *It is striated

*It is voluntary                           * It is involuntary  *It is involuntary

*Alternate light & dark bands         *No striations  * It is striated

*Cells are long , cylindric *Cells are long, pointed  * Cells are                                                            cylindrical and

and branched  and spindle shaped  branched.

*It is present in limbs, tongue  *It is present in visceral organs  * It is present in heart.

*It is arranged in bundles   *It is arranged in sheets  * It is arranged in network.

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