Differenciate between Flux and Slag.

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In metallurgy, substance used to remove or prevent the formation of undesirable oxide and other substances during welding. Fluxes are similarly used during the refining of metals. They range from the acid silica to the neutral borax and the basic lime, and they also include rosins and various corrosives. The choice of flux used depends on the materials involved in the given operation.



impure residue, consisting largely of calcium, iron, aluminum, and magnesium silicate, derived during the process of pig-iron and steel production and during the smelting of metals, such as copper, lead, and nickel

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The substance which react with the impurities present in the ores at high temperature to form substances that can easily melt and be removed are called FLUX. the impurities which cannot melt and react with flux to form a compound which is light and insoluble is called SLAG
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substance used to remove undesirable substances(gaunge/matrix) during welding are called fluxes. Fluxes are used during the refining of metals.


impure residue(impurities), consisting largely of calcium, iron, aluminum, and magnesium

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Differentiate flux and slag , principal of self reduction process , what is copper matte, best answer for exam

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