Differentiate between cloning and test tube babies.

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Cloning Test tube baby
Cloning is an artificial process of producing genetically identical individuals from a parent. The term test tube is a practise where a baby who is born after fertilization is done artificially.
Cloning can be done from a number of cell such as stem cell, somatic cell, gamete cell etc. For test tube baby only gamete cell are required. 
Process of fertilization is not involved here. Less variation is observed. Process of fertilization is involved. Variation is observed more than that is seen in cloning.


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 CLONING IS  THE PROCESS IN WHICH OVUM IS TAKEN FROM ONE PERSON OR ANIMAL AND CELLS OF MAMMARY GLAND OF ANOTHER. Nucleus of ovum is removed an the nucleus of mammary gland is put in the ovum . Then ovum is put in the mother's body again. sex is done and the baby that is born  is same as the person or animal whose cell of mammary gland was taken. ex- dolly was a clone of fin dorset sheep.
test tube babies are those types of babies whose if the fertilisation does not occur due to any reason in the moyher's body then the sperms of father and ovum of mother is taken in a test tube and fertilisation occurs in the test tube after it takes place the zygote is again put into the mother's   utereus and whole development of the embryo takes place there.
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