differentiate between deforestation and afforestation at least 5 points

Deforestation means cutting down of trees.
By deforestation the upper layer of soil which contain humus gets away from the land and land becomes like a desert
By the deforestation transpiration gets reduced which in turns reduces the rain fall
By deforestation floods came because the trees slow down the water and when there are no trees the rain water is not slow down .
By the deforestation the useful products also reduced.
By deforestation the species becomes extinct.
by deforestation the amount of co2 gets incresed which cause global warming.
Aforestation means plantation of trees.
By aforestation the roots of plants hold the upper layer of soil which will make the soil fertile.
By aforestation transpiration increases .and amount of co2 gets reduced .
By afforestation the amount of useful products will increase
By afforestation the species does not get extinct

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deforestation means by cutting down a large number of trees .like cutting. down the trees and using. for humans .afforestation means planting in a empty place as example aground forestry
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