Differentiate between estrogen and ostrageon and also tell about puberty?

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There is nothing called ostrageon.

Oestrogens or estrogens are same. There is no difference between the meaning of these words, estrogen is American English and oestrogen is British English. Oestrogen or estrogen is group of sex hormone in female that play important role in menstrual cycle.  

Puberty is a process of physical change that occurs in human body during maturity. This stage usually begins at ages 13 – 14 for boys, and ages 10 – 12 for girls. However, this may vary from person to person.

Girls usually attain puberty by ages 15-17 while boys attain puberty by ages 16-17.

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  • No difference between estrogen and oestrogen (they can be written in both ways) . This hormone has the function of developing secondary sexual characters in males and females. 
  • PUBERTY - The stage in life wherein body becomes biologically capable of sexual reproduction is called Puberty.
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