differentiate between nitrogen fixation and denitrification..

Nitrification is the process of conversion of ammonia into nitrates and then into nitrites. This is done by nitrifying bacteria like nitrosomonas and nitrobacter.

N2  ---------------------->  NH3 --------------------> NO2  ------------------------> NO3

 Ammonification     Nitrification  Nitrification 

Denitrification is the process of reducing the nitrates present in the soil to release nitrogen gas back into the atmosphere.

NO3 ---------------------------> N2


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Nitrogen fixation is a process in which nitrogen (N2) in the atmosphere is converted into ammonium (NH4+).Reduction of nitrates to gaseous nitrogen by microorganisms in a series of biochemical reactions is called denitrification.
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in fixation atmospheric n is converted in no2and no3 but in denitryficayion no2andno3 are converted in ammonia
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