Differentiate between Turgid, flaccid and Plasmolysed cells?

Turgid cells Flaccid cells Plasmolysed cells
i.Cell which has taken up water and become swollen.
ii.Cells become turgid when placed in hypotonic solution.
i.Cell which has lost water and become wilt in which there is a gap between cell wall and protoplasm.
ii.Cells become flaccid when placed in isotonic solution.
i.Cell which has lost much of its water and become shrinked in which cytoplasm is moved away from cell wall.
ii.Cells become plasmolysed when placed in hypertonic solution.

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  • Turgid cells are the Cells that gained weight in a hypotonic Sotution(a Grape in water)..............
  • Turgid cells are the Cells that lost weight in a hypertonic Sotution(a Mango pickle
  • some cells have rigid cell walls .These cells ,in a hypertonic solution have srinken cytoplasm .theese cells are called plasmolised cells
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