Differentiate with respect to x.

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Dear student,
The solutions to your 2(f) and 2(i) query have been provided below:
2(f):Given,x3+3x2+y+y3=a3Differentiating w.r.t x,3x2+6x+dydx+3y2dydx=0dydx+3y2dydx=-3x2-6xdydx1+3y2=-3x2-6xdydx=-3x2-6x1+3y22(i):Assuming the equation is equal to some constant 'a',2x2+3xy+4y2=aDifferentiating w.r.t x,4x+3y+xdydx+8ydydx=04x+3y+3xdydx+8ydydx=03xdydx+8ydydx=-4x-3ydydx3x+8y=-4x-3ydydx=-4x-3y3x+8y
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