diffrence between adrenaline and nor-adrenaline

Adrenaline Noradrenaline
Adrenaline has a methyl group attached to its nitrogen Noradrenalin has a hydrogen atom in place of a methyl group
Adrenaline is responsible for controlling all the body tissues Regulates parts of the brain which are responsible for controlling the mind and body
It has lesser affinity to bind with alpha receptors It has a litter greater affinity to bind with alpha receptors

It is not predictable because it has different sensitivities for alpha and beta receptors
The effect of noradrenalin is more predictable
Adrenaline is greater in terms of cardiac simulation leading to greater cardiac output Cardiac simulation is less
Constriction of blood vessels is slightly less, thereby decreases the diastolic pressure by reducing the total peripheral resistance Noradrenaline has stronger effects on constriction of blood vessels leading to increased peripheral resistance and increased diastolic pressure
Epinephrine is greater in terms of increasing metabolism
It is slightly lesser

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