Diffrence  between biosphere reserve, wildlife sanctuaries,zoological park,national parks and botanical garden

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Wildlife Sanctuary
National Parks Biosphere reserve Zoological parks  Botanical gardens
It is an area which is free from disturbances from human activities, and is devoted for the conservation and protection of wildlife. National Parks are those reserved areas where no human activity is allowed at all. A biosphere reserve is an area of land or water that is protected by law in order to support the conservation of ecosystems Zoological parks are protected environments for wild animals. They provide condition similar to natural habitat and enable us to learn about their food habits and behaviour. Botanical gardens are specialised gardens for collecting living plants. These plants are grown for identification purposes. 
Wildlife sanctuaries are under the jurisdiction of the state government. National parks are under the jurisdiction of the central government Biosphere reserves were created by UNESCO They are under the jurisdiction of the state government. They are under the jurisdiction of the state government.
Example: The Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary in Tamil Nadu. Example: Kaziranga National Park in Assam Example: Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve Example: Nehru Zoological Park Example : Indian Botanical garden at Howrah (India), National Botanical Research Institute at Lucknow (India)
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