Diffrence between smooth muscles and stiated muscles? fast plz

S.No.  Smooth Muscle Striated Muscle
1. No striations are visible Striations are visible
2. Involuntary Cardiac muscles are involuntary but skeletal muscles are voluntary.
3. Mononucleated Multinucleated.
4. Sarcomere absent.  Present.
These muscles control the movement of food in the alimentary canal, the contraction, and relaxation of blood vessels etc.
These muscles are present in our body parts such as the hands, legs, tongue, etc.

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Smooth muscles:-

i. These are spindle shaped.

ii. Myofibrils are faintly visible

iii.Stripes are absent

iv. Nucleus centrally located


vi. Involuntary

Striated Muscle fibre:-

i. Long, cylindrical

ii. Myofibrils are prominent

iii. Nuclei peripherally located

iv. Multinucleate

v. Voluntary

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