1. Difine the term compound
  2. Define the tern chemical fomula.
  3. What does a gchemical formula reresent?

A-1) A compound is a pure substance which consists of two or more atoms of different elements, combined in a fixed ratio by mass. Also the properties of a compound are may or may not be different from that of the combining elements. Some examples of compound include water (formed from atoms of two elements-oxygen and hydrogen), sodium chloride (formed from sodium and chlorine), ammonia etc.

A-2) Chemical formula is an expression which is used to denote the number and type of elements that are present in one unit of a compound. In other words, it is a symbolic representation of a chemical compound using only chemical symbols for elements and numbers to denote the relative ratios in which they are present. For example the chemical formula for water is H2O, while that for common salt (sodium chloride) is NaCl. 

A-3) A chemical formula basically represent the chemical composition of a substance. 

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