discuss the common forms of consumer exploitation ?

six forms of consumer exploitation.

i). Adulteration: Adulteration means mixing or substituting undesirable materials in food. This causes heavy loss to the customers; they suffer from monetary loss as well as spoil their health.
ii). False claim: Sellers make false claim about the durability and quality of their product through advertisements.
iii). Under measurement: Sellers generally give under measured goods and charge for the actual quantity.
iv) . Hoarding and black marketing: Trader generally holds the stock of essential commodities to create artificial scarcity in the market so that they can sell their commodities at higher price.
v). Substandard goods: Sellers usually sell inferior quality goods in order to make more profit.
vi). High price: Sellers who are dealing in necessities generally charge arbitrary prices.
vii) . Duplicate Articles: In the name of genuine parts or goods, duplicate items are sold to the consumers.
viii). Lack of safety devices: Electronic appliances produced locally lack the required inbuilt safeguard which causes harm to the consumers.

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