Discuss the damage caused to forest by the following activities:

(a) Building rest houses for 10% tourists in national parks.

(b) Grazing domestic animals on National Parks.

(c) Tourists throwing plastic bottles, covers and other litter in National Parks.

a) By building rest houses for 10% tourists in national parks it causes damage to forests in many ways,such as the tourists pollute the area in which they live by throwing plastic bags . When this is consumed by the wild life it is threatful for their life. The plastic bags in Non biodegradable and gets collets in the soil and affets the quality of the soil. Building the rest houses destroys the breeding and dwelling grounds of most of the animals.The tourists also harm and threaten the animals.

b) Grazing domestic animals on national parks removes the green cover of the park. Most of the grasses will be destroyed because of which the herbivores which depend on the grass and the small microorganims will be destroyed. The Soil will become loose and will lead to soil erosion

c) Throwing plastic bottles , covers and other litter in the National park harms the animals dwelling there. These animals may eat the plastic covers which will enter thier food chain and will lead to diseases and finally to the death of the organims.

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