Discuss the significance of the title, "The Last Lesson"

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The story has an appropriate and suggestive title. It is the centre of attention throughout and the whole story revolves around it. The beginning of the story serves as preparation for it. The unusual quietness at school, presence of village elders and the teacher in his Sunday best dress-all point out to the unusual and unique occasion-the last lesson in French in a French village school in a district conquered by the Prussians. While delivering the last lesson, the teacher wants to transmit all his knowledge in one go. He explains everything with patience and the students, as well as old villagers, listen attentively.
For the narrator, it is an unforgettable experience. “Ah, how well I remember it, that last lesson,” says he. Old Hauser is crying and his voice trembled with emotion. As the teacher is unable to express His emotions because of the choked throat, he ends the lesson by writing 'Viva La France’ on the blackboard. He makes a gesture with his hand to indicate that the school is dismissed and students can go home.


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