distinguish between reptiles and aves 

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Aves Reptiles
They are warm blooded They are cold blooded
They have feathers on body They have scales on body
Body have four limbs i.e two hind legs and two wings They have variable limbs. Most of them have four limbs while others may have no legs.
They lack teeth instead have beaks Reptiles have teeth
E.g, Pigeon, Sparrow etc.  E.g, Crocodile, Lizard etc.

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Reptiles = scale present
                found on land
                 ex- snakes and turtle
Aves = feathers are present
           found in areal
            ex- crow and sparrow .
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reptiles are cold blooded.Aves r warm blooded.
Reptiles hav scales over der body.Aves hav feathers
Reptiles are terrestrial.Aves are aerial.
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Differences between reptiles and aves:
1. Cold Blooded.
2. They contain scales on their body.
3. Organisms contain teeth,except tortoise and turtle.
4. They are ammonotelic. 
Examples-Crocodile, Lizard etc.

1. Warm Blooded
2. Body covered with feathers.
3. Teeth are not present, instead beaks are present.
4. They are uricotelic.
Examples-Pigeon, Sparrow etc.

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