Distinguish between Sound waves and Light waves...
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sound:- mechanical wave , needs a medium , longitudinal wave
light:- not a mechanical wave , no need of medium , transverse wave
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 Sound Waves are longitudinal while light waves are transverse.
Sound Waves are mechanical waves(Need a materialistic medium to travel in ) while light waves are non- mechanical waves
The speed of sound waves is less compared to light waves.
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Sound waves has following characteristics
1. Mechanical Waves
2. Required material medium to propagate.
3. Thay are longitudinal and transverse both .
4. They have avg . speed of 340m/s in the air .
Light waves has following characteristics
1. Non -Mechanical waves .
2. Do not require material medium to propagate .
3. They are transverse waves .
4. They have avg. speed of 3,00,000 km/s in the air and in he vacuum also .
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