Divide the class into four groups
A- few crystals of copper sulphate added in water
B-One spatula full of copper sulphate in water.
C-Chalk powder in water
D-Milk in water
Which of these will form clear and uniform composition (homogeneous) through out

Dear student,

A homogeneous mixture is the type of mixture in which two or more components are mixed and have the uniform distribution of them all over, hence they can not be separated.

Copper sulphate crystals are present in the form of pentahydrate, hence these crystals are soluble in water and form homogenous mixtures. 

Normal copper sulphate is not soluble in water. 

Chalk powder in water is a heterogeneous mixture.

Milk in water is a heterogeneous mixture. It is composed of fats and proteins dispersed in water.

Hence, the correct option is (a).



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