Do not judge the book by its cover or Appearances are often deceptive. Discuss the relevance of these two sayings with reference to the story ?The Midnight Visitor.?
Book: Footprints Without Feet

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Max was a slender man, not very tall. His features suggested that he was slightly crafty and cunning like that of a fox. He did not seem very dangerous other than the fact that he was holding a gun. He had come stealthily into Ausable’s room and wanted the report on the missiles. But, Max was also slightly gullible; he easily fell into the trap set by Ausable. His gullibility probably cost him his life. He was over confident just because he had a gun pointed at Ausable and Fowler. Max lacked presence of mind, he was so focused on pointing the gun at both the men that he did not look down for a second to see whether there was a balcony below the window or not. He just blindly believed Ausable. Max proved that he could be easily fooled. This did not make him a very good secret agent.
This shows that Max seemed to be cunning and a great agent at first but he turned out to be quite dumb and gullible whereas Ausable who seemed like an ordinary person, turned out to be very smart. Thus, it is rightly said that appearances are often deceptive.
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