do you think john byro recognised his horse ? why did he not accuse the boys of stealing the horse

A suspicious man would tend to believe the evidence that is present in front of him and in John Byro's case,he could have accused Aram and Maroud of stealing his horse because the one which they had was exactly like his stolen horse. But Byro was not a suspicious man,he was aware of the fact that the boys' family was famed for their honesty, it had been the watermark of their family for several generations. So he took the boys at face value and chose to believe in what he knew by heart and not what he saw in front of him. In all probability he must have recognised his horse but he gave the boys the benefit of doubt keeping his faith in the impeccable reputation of their family for honesty and integrity. A suspicious man would have taken the visual evidence and charged them with larceny.

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yeas john byro had recognised his horse but he barely mentioned it in front of the two boys b'coz wanted them to realize their mistake and what status of honesty their families had in the society so straightaway quoted to them that it was a twin of his horse but not his horse.

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