does A NICE BLUE is a adverb phrase or adjective phrase and why ??

- An adjective phrase modifies a noun and an adverb phrase modifies a verb, an adverb or an adjective.
- To get the exact answer, you should have provided the complete sentence, so that one can clearly find out what the given words are modifying or qualifying.
- Still, 'a nice blue' would be an adjective phrase in all probability. For example: He was wearing a nice blue shirt.'

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It is an adjective phrase because adverbs  are word which tells about that how a work is being done .it tells about the verb. A NICE BLUE is an adjective as it can only tell about a noun.
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 thnks a lot
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but adverbs can also be used  before adjectives like-
  • "It was a terribly hot afternoon." terribly is an adverb and Hot is an adjective that modifies the noun afternoon.
  • so if a noun is placed before noun then also it will define a adjective
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pls someone answer
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