does even milk evaporate?

Milk contains, water, fats, proteins, lactose, vitamins like A, C, D etc..Boiling point of milk is very close to water. So when milk is boiled for few minutes and it  reaches its boiling point, the water present in milk starts evaporating very fastly. Moreover, if you boil milk at very high temperature for a long time,some water-soluble vitamins can also evaporate. Nutritional value of milk decreases with over heating. So heating milk at room temperature (25-30 Degree Celsius)  for short time causes evaporation of water only. Complete evaporation of milk is a complex process  because it contains fats and proteins which are not easily evaporated. Evaporated milk (powdered) contains fats,proteins,lactose,vitamins A,C,D only and has no water in it. Sweetened condensed milk (powdered) is different from evaporated milk as condensed milk contains sugar while evaporated milk does not contain any sugar. So milk does evaporates.

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