draw a floral diagram from this floral formula..

floral formula- br, brl,

The floral formula provided by you:br, brl, actinomorphic, k(5), c5, A (infinity), G(5)Br stands for bracteate flowers, Brl stands for epicalyx (Epicalyx means a ring of bracts that resemble calyx),Φ  stands for actinomorphic symmetry, K(5) stands for 5 sepals which are fused, C5 stands for 5 petals which are free, A(∞) stands for numerous  stamens and filaments of which are fused, G(5) stands for  5 Carpels which are fused and present in superior ovary. All these features belong to floral formula for Hibiscus rosa sinensis, member of family Malvaceae. Here is provided floral diagram for the given floral formula

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sorry here is the complete formula br, brl, actinomorphic, k(5), c5, A (infinity), G_(5)

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