1. Draw a labelled diagram to show how can you nickel plate a spoon? How would you change your experimental  set up to silver plate the spoon?

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the metal on which electroplating is to be done is taken as cathode ( negative electrode) . the metal of which electroplating is to be done is taken as anode ( positive electrode) 

Hence pure nickel is taken as anode  whereas article on which electroplating is to be done is taken as cathode.In nickel electoplating the article to be electroplated is made us the cathode and the Ni acts as the anode. From the anode Ni goes into solution as Ni2+ and get deposited at the cathode. Always a more reactive metal will displace the less reactive metal. As hydrogen is less reactive it does not get liberated at the cathode.

Silver plating can be done on nickel spoon. Such electroplated wares are called electroplated nickel silver (EPNS). 
Silver plating is done by dissolving the object being plated (cathode-  a spoon) in an electrolyte (liquid between the electrodes, silver cyanide, AgCN). Then, current is passed from the cathode of an electrolyte cell into the anode (a silver object). Positive silver ions flow into the cathode from the silver cyanide where they are neutralized and stick into the spoon being plated as silver metal. The anode bar loses electrons to become silver ions until it dissolves. Meanwhile the silver metals are transferred to the cathode and spoon is plated as silver.

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