​draw a possibility scale ​​draw a possibility scale. mark each one of these outcomes on your scale. give reason for your answers. a) the school bus will break down tomorrow. b)the next baby will be a boy c) an icecube will melt when it i left outside on a hot day d) a heavy stone will float when it is dropped in the sea e) the winter of the women's olympic 100 meters final will be aged under 35 year


There is an equal chance that school bus will break down tomorrow or will not breakdown tomorrow.

So, required probability = 1/2


There is an equal chance that next baby can be a boy or a girl.

So, required probability = 1/2


The icecube will definitely melt when it is kept outside on a hot day.

So, required probability = 1


A heavy stone will sink when dropped into sea.

so required probability = 0


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a) 4/10
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