draw an angle ABC=64 degree using protractor.construct an adjacent angle CBD equal in measure to angle ABC. what is the measure of the angle DAC write the measurement of reflex angle DAC

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We follow these steps :

Step 1 :  Draw a line AX .

Step 2 : Draw an angle of 64° , As ABC  =  64°  with the help of protector . 

Step 3 : Take any radius ( Less than half of AB ) and center " B "  draw a semicircle that intersect line AB at " E " and line BC at " F " .

Step 4 : Take radius of length of EF and center " F "  draw an arc that intersect semicircle at " G " .

Step 5 : Join line BG and extend it to " D "  we get CBD  =  64° .

Now you can join line DA and CA ( As we do not know the length of BC and BD so assume any integer ) . and try to find DAC and reflex angle of DAC with the help of trotrector by yourself  .

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