Draw Circuit Diagrams for  SERIES  and  PARALLEL  consisting of 1 resistor, 3 cells, an Ammeter, a Voltmeter, a Key and Connecting wires

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Parallel and series for one resistor only  is not possible we ought to have more than one resistor. Given below is the circuit for 3 resistors.
Series Circuit
Draw a schematic circuit diagram for a circuit in which three resistors R1 , R2 and R3, a plug key under closed condition, an ammeter are joined in series with a 5V

Parallel Circuit
Draw the diagram of an electric circuit in which the resistors R1, R2 and R3 are connected in parallel including an ammeter - Sarthaks eConnect | Largest Online Education Community

We can also have cells in series or parallel
Cells connected in Series, Parallel & Mixed - eSaral
Cells connected in Series, Parallel & Mixed - eSaral


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